Why Do Injury Attorneys Sometimes Specialize?

If you've looked up any personal injury attorneys, you've likely come across an array of practices that handle different kinds of cases. While it's common for a personal injury lawyer to be a generalist, some prefer to specialize. The type you're most likely to be familiar with from TV commercials is an auto accident attorney.

You may be wondering what the benefits of going to a specialist versus a generalist might. Let's take a look at the ways injury practices vary and what that may mean for you.

Why Attorneys Choose Either Approach

Specialization is usually more common in areas that have large enough populations to support working in one field of injury law. In many rural regions, a personal injury lawyer may take on all kinds of different cases to better serve their clients. Conversely, you can look at the number of incidents every day on the expressways in any major city and instantly get why someone might build a practice around just being an auto accident attorney.

Over time, a lawyer also tends to find they have a knack for certain cases. Similarly, other clients may be referred to them by previous clients, and a general practice can slowly become a specialized one.

What Does That Mean for You?

The main advantage of consulting with a personal injury lawyer who's more of a generalist is there's a better chance they'll take your case. Not all cases fit into cookie-cutter descriptions, and it can be helpful to bring some flexibility to those matters.

On the flip side, someone who specializes can bring a lot of knowledge to bear. An auto accident attorney often has developed relationships with highway patrol officers and expert witnesses, allowing them to quickly figure out what happened during an incident. Likewise, there's something to be said for being the firm that everyone goes to for a particular type of case. Claims adjusters start to know who the lawyers are who bring tight cases to them for compensation, and that can be helpful to those attorneys' clients.

How Do You Choose?

Most of it boils down to figuring out just how focused your case is. A typical slip-and-fall case probably doesn't call for any special legal knowledge. Conversely, a claim arising from a complicated car wreck involving multiple vehicles may require the help of a firm that has established a reputation for sorting out difficult cases.