Hiring A Lawyer For Your Personal Injury Case

In almost every state in the US, if you are injured due to someone else's carelessness, you have the right to compensation for the injury. Recovered damages might be for medical bills, time lost from work, or just the mental and physical pain the injury caused. 

Minor Injuries

In many cases, people with minor injuries as a result of an accident of some sort will not file any complaint or lawsuit. People often feel it is only worth taking a case to court if there is a significant injury, but that is not always the case. Keep in mind that just because the injury seems minor now, that doesn't mean that it won't develop into something worse down the road. If that happens, you do not want to be in a position where you took a settlement from an insurance company and signed off, keeping you from filing any claim in the future. 

Pain and Suffering

Any injury that causes pain and suffering, as defined under the law, gives you the right to recover damages. If the injury seems minor, taking into consideration time lost from work, mental stress, and the time lost from family activities or events can add up to a settlement for your injury. You should talk to a personal injury lawyer about your case before you decide to let it go or move forward with the case. Sometimes it isn't until after you talk to the lawyer that you understand the full situation. 

Cost of an Attorney

Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but for personal injury attorneys, finding one that will take your case on contingency is not difficult. If the lawyer believes you have a good case, they will often take the case and get paid if you win the case. You will need to discuss that option with any lawyer you are considering working with during the consultation, but it is more common than you might think. 

Discuss the terms of the contingency fee agreement with the lawyer so you are clear on how they work, but in many cases, the lawyer will get a small percentage of your settlement if you settle out of court, and a higher percentage if you go to trial. They will not collect at all unless you win, so you do not have a lot of legal fees to worry about if you lose the case. It also motivates the lawyer to work hard to win your case because if you lose, they do not get paid for the time they spent on the case.